Welcome to the K Dome/MicroDome

Welcome to the K Dome/MicroDome, our extraordinary camp within The Infinite Playa (https://www.infiniteplaya.com/)  and sponsored by The Ketamine Research Foundation. Covid-19 has eliminated our ability to attend the actuality of Burning Man 2020, but not its spirit of generosity and sharing, personal and community growth, extraordinary architecture and experiences of transformative consciousness.  This is the Virtual Burning Man—and there are no dust storms.  As a work in progress, hurtling towards our opening on Monday 8/31 and continuing certainly through the virtual Temple Burn on Sunday 9/6, there is an evolution of unique new technology and attendant programming. This is happening as we move and groove.  All of us will need to keep up with changes as they occur in the days ahead.

Our Program

Our program is focused on psychedelic medicine and its fulsome ecology—its myriad facets, our Indra’s Net.  We place our presentations within a sacred context, honoring the creation of setting as paramount to the quality of psychedelic experience. Each day begins with invocation and ritual and each night ends with a musical experience of 75 minutes duration—our Ketamine Reveries– with accompanying art followed by a closing ritual. You will learn intensively about ketamine as an assisted psychotherapy, about meditation and psychedelic experiences, about psychedelic history, neuroscience, youth and psychedelics, first-hand experiences, organizational work , family and couples work—and other psychedelics. 

In this time of trauma, you may participate in panels on women and ketamine, social justice and psychedelics, our Indra’s Net Coalition program (www.indrasnetcoalition.org), training in psychedelic psychotherapy, microdosing, writers writing on psychedelics, luscious interviews with practitioners, psychedelic art, music—and so much more. The research and programs of our foundation are there for your edification and support.  And to encompass the socioeconomic landscape of ketamine and psychedelics, panels on the wave of commercialization, investment and the generosity of philanthropy.  This is an expansionary, optimistic time for the psychedelic movements presence  as a paradigm shift aiding in the only real remedy to ongoing trauma—connection, community, sharing, compassion , respect and love.  And that is what we are trying for in our show.  Please join us.

Access to the K Dome/MicroDome

Instructions for joining the Infinite Playa are on the site. You may have free entry to our camp and its productions by checking on our site menu. You must enter through the Infinite Playa.  And you may buy tickets that supports the costs of the Infinite Playa’s production—tech is expensive—and enter the Playa as your own uniquely constructed avatar moving through the Playa and having an experience of the Burn as your very own character.  Check out the trailer for a taste.

Hugs and love from KRF, our K Dome/MicroDome staff and presenters, Helix Wolfson and his creative community, and all who make this possible.

If you are so inclined, donations are gratefully received through www.ketamineresearchfoundation.com and do go to www.indrasnetcoalition.org to join in our worldwide trauma initiative.